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RAPP: Reframing a Perceptual Paradigm
Telfair Museum of Art
Savannah, GA

An installation/exhibition comprised of 130 artworks and objects selected 
by the artist from the museum's collection, several figures from various 
2-d works reproduced as free standing, life size personalities 
(see below), as well as numerous original works of art created and 
integrated as cultural commentary (images 1-11). Part of these original 
works consisted of a series of portrait compilations (further below) 
comprised of samplings from numerous early century portraits within the 
museum collection with framing derived from fragments cast from 
historic frames.  

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   9a-e.                                                    10.


Installations utilizing life size figures from various works in the collection


Portrait Compilations derived from a
mix of portraits and frames selected from the collection

    2.                                                       3.

    4.                                                   5.

   6.                                                  7.