Friday, December 3, 2010

Works In The Works

The studio currently has two major projects underway:

Back To Big - a collection of large scale, floor mounted 
sculptures comprised of mixed materials including granite, 
wood, fiberglass and metal. As kinetic works, these pieces 
are designed to rock, with some being ridden and others 
being played as percussive instruments. They are part of an 
on-going series in which materials that are otherwise dense 
and heavy can be set in motion by the mere touch of the hand.

                                                             click on image to enlarge

Portsmouth African Burying Ground Project - a public art 
undertaking commemorating an African burying ground dating 
back to 1645. The site was recently rediscovered beneath a 
residential area of Portsmouth, NH and a memorial was 
designed by MeadowLark Studio incorporating site layout and 
a number of sculptural elements paying homage to the legacy 
and memory of those deceased and so long forgotten.

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Jerome Meadows discusses vision for African Burying Ground Memorial |

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